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GuidedChoice is an independent advisory firm focused on retirement. We deliver high-quality investment advice, managed accounts, and planning services to people and organizations nationwide. Your future IS our business. You get help from a Registered Investment Advisor, trusted since 1999 by millions of individuals like you with more than $12 billion dollars of their hard earned savings.
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Feeling overwhelmed by retirement planning? There's a good reason why.

4.7 BILLION + options to choose from

An impossible task - that would take you 150 years to evaluate, without powerful analytics tools. You need a trusted source to help. You need GuidedChoice.

  • GuidedSavings

    For those still saving for retirement.
    We give you a realistic projection of what you’ll need to retire, and help you save what you’ll need.

  • GuidedIRA

    If you need an account, open an IRA.
    $4.70/year* + investment fees.
    Maximizing outcomes for everyday retirement investors is at the core of what we do.

    *per $1,000 in your account.

  • GuidedSpending

    For retirees or those retiring in the next year.
    We help you turn assets into regular retirement income, and gain the most value over time from everything you’ve saved.

We're here to help.

You get help from a Registered Investment Advisor, trusted since 1999 by millions of individuals like you with more than $12 billion dollars of their hard earned savings.

Want to give it a try? QuickAdvice is FREE.


Using the same robust engine and analytics as our full-version solutions, you get a fast answer by entering just a few details.

Get started!

  • What financial institution do I use?

    • As long as they’re reputable and fairly priced, we don’t care.
    • If you already work with one, we work with them too.
    • If not – we help you choose.
    • More

  • What type of account - IRA, 401(k), etc?

    • You may already have the right type of account(s) for your situation.
    • If so – great!
    • If not – we help you choose.
    • More

  • What type of investments - stocks, bonds, cash?

    • You may already be investing in the right things.
    • If so – we work with those investments.
    • If not – we help you choose.
    • More

  • How much do I save - or spend, if retired?

    • You may already have your accounts set up.
    • If so, we use that info to show you where you’ll be.
    • If not – we help you choose.
    • More

How we lead

The investment business is a crowded place. Most firms do one thing well. We take the lead by meeting all the needs of our customers.


Everyone needs to plan for retirement. But beyond that, we all have different needs, goals, responsibilities, and resources. We truly personalize what we do – so it works for you.


Sure, we make this stuff look easy. But it isn’t. We provide industrial-strength services based on the latest investment science and built by top financial and technology pros.


We don’t sell anything except advice. We’re not owned by anyone else. We believe investment help works best when you’re totally independent. (Plus we just like it that way.)

Outcomes speak louder than words


More Savings

401(k) plan participants who get advice, showed a 70% savings rate increase.



The same participants did better than those without investment help 83% of the time.

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