Your Retirement Plan

“How can I afford to retire?” We founded GuidedChoice to help people answer this question. Your retirement plan is all we think about. So you don’t have to.

You’ve got a retirement plan at work. You’ve signed up, picked some funds, and you’re contributing every paycheck. Now what? It’s OK if you don’t think much about your plan. That’s what we’re here for. If our flagship GuidedSavings service is “built in” to your company’s plan, we can give you professional, individualized advice, manage your account for you, or give you the tools to do it yourself. And if our full range of services aren’t available through your employer, don’t panic – stay tuned for news about upcoming tools to put you on the right path.

What’s your style?

Do you sign up right away for the deluxe package? Or do you prefer to pick and choose? Either way, GuidedSavings has you covered:

Just let go. Find out how much money you’ll need to retire; how much to save from each paycheck to get there; how to invest it; or all of the above. Then sit back and let us manage your plan investments, professionally and for as long as you'd like.

Stay in control.

If you’re handy with a calculator, use our online tools to crunch the numbers. You can run projections at the asset-class level, or get a full set of expert recommendations based on your plan options.

Participants with access to GuidedSavings in their plan can log in here.