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This tool will estimate the monthly income you can expect in retirement using GuidedChoice's powerful financial modeling technology. It's secure, completely confidential, and just takes four easy steps.

To get started, please enter some basic information about yourself below. (For help with each item, roll over the "?" button.)

Personal Information Yourself Your Spouse
Age   Current age

Female   Female  
Retirement age  
Annual salary  Before taxes $ $
Annual other earned income  From, for instance, a second job; not investment income $ $


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Enter the total amounts of your current balances in any savings plans and other accounts you've set aside for retirement.

Savings Yourself Your Spouse
Balance in retirement plans  
    Cash    %  %
    Bonds    %  %
    Stocks    %  %
Other retirement savings  
    Cash    %  %
    Bonds    %  %
    Stocks    %  %


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Enter the total annual amounts that you expect to continue contributing to your retirement plans and accounts.

Ongoing Contributions Yourself Your Spouse
Into retirement plans - annually  Current and previous employer plans, e.g. 401(k), 403(b), 457, etc., as well as IRAs (traditional, Roth, and rollover)
To other taxable retirement savings - annually  Such as brokerage and savings accounts set aside for retirement purposes


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Finally, enter any income you expect to receive when you retire, such as pension payments, that is *not* part of the retirement plans and accounts covered in the previous pages.

Pension & Other Income Expected Yourself Your Spouse
     Expected monthly payments  If you expect to receive income from more than one pension, enter the total monthly amount
     Age payments begin  
     Expected lump sum pension income  Before taxes
     Age lump sum payment expected  If you expect payments from more than one pension to begin at different times, enter the latest
Other monthly income in retirement

GuidedChoice QuickAdvice Results

Spendable income (after-tax) you can expect each month during retirement. This amount includes estimated Social Security benefits.
Note: Our advice engine does take into account projected inflation, but then we convert the final monthly income figure into the equivalent of today's dollars for easier comparison.

Weak market
Average Market
Strong Market


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